With the serviced flat the1487 from Munich, eVehicle for you GmbH started operations with the evhcle brand at the beginning of April. This means that a fleet of electric kick scooters is available exclusively and around the clock to the residents of the building. “Despite the current Corona crisis and the associated restrictions, we can now start operations with our first partner. We are now looking at the next few weeks and will gradually implement further locations in Munich with our partners,” says Christoph Ulusoy, CEO and founder of evhcle.

Freefloating vs. evhcle

In contrast to classic free-floating sharing providers, evhcle offers several purely electrically powered vehicles that can be recharged at the respective location with evhcle’s own charging stations. “We also build charging stations for all our vehicles at each location, so they are charged every time you start renting,” says Christoph Ulusoy. “With our multi-modal approach, customers have a diverse choice of different vehicle models. From e-bikes or e-kickscooters to electric cars. Users can choose a different vehicle every time they rent,” adds Simon Watzl, COO and co-founder of evhcle.

A look at the essentials

evhcle’s location-specific mobility service helps serviced flats, hotels and other representatives of the housing industry, among others, to offer a sought-after service exclusively for their own guests. As evhcle takes over the operation of the station as well as the maintenance and management of the vehicles, property operators can fully concentrate on their core business. The easy handling and billing for the residents is done via the evhcle app. “We have looked at the developments in housing trends and individual transport in recent years and believe that our holistic approach brings us closer to the needs of users and partners,” says Simon Watzl. This business model enables property operators to open up a new business segment with mobility.
In the field of urban quarters and flats, evhcle sees a market potential of over €3.5 billion in Europe and plans to develop more than 100 partner locations across Germany in the next two years. A first step has been taken with the commissioning of the first station in Munich at the beginning of April 2020.

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