Mobility is in the middle of a transformation process. Autonomous driving, electrification and the share economy are on everyone’s lips. While these topics are still being discussed in theory by some, others have already developed solutions that are innovative and sustainable. Mobility solutions for the future that make traffic in cities more efficient and climate-friendly and put people and their needs in the foreground. Like the mobility concept of evhcle.

Challenge for hotels and serviced flats

The hotel industry has been enjoying flourishing tourism and rising overnight stays for several years. Nevertheless, hotel operators or managers of serviced flats are facing great challenges. Guests are becoming increasingly demanding, looking for more individualised services and prefer accommodation that makes them feel at home. Those who want to remain competitive have to offer their guests much more. More than just a room with breakfast.

This applies, for example, to business people who live and work in another city for several days or weeks. They in particular should be made as comfortable and cosy as if they were in their own four walls. Because that increases the sense of well-being and makes guests come back again and again.

Success factors: sustainability and mobility

Sustainability is one of the top issues worldwide. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, especially in the hotel industry and also in urban and neighbourhood development. Because sustainable action, whether it is about saving energy, avoiding plastic, using less water or travelling CO2-free, is becoming more and more important for us humans if we take climate change seriously. Hotel guests are also becoming more sensitive and are specifically looking for accommodation with which they identify more. Which live exactly the values that they themselves consider important.

If a hotel or serviced flat is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly action, it should also think about an appropriate mobility concept. After all, your guests, for example commuters who travel to work in the company a few kilometres away, are dependent on their own vehicle, public transport or a rental vehicle.

Sustainability and electromobility go together wonderfully. And for good reason: e-vehicles are resource-friendly in use, as long as the battery is charged with green electricity, because no CO2 emissions are released. In addition, driving with a fully electric drive is not only fun, it is also quite comfortable and gets you to your destination quickly in the city.

The perfect match – combining your hotel with a clever e-mobility solution

Sharing offers, whether for e-cars, e-scooters or e-bikes, are now available in many German cities. But by no means all of them are interesting for your guests if, for example, the next available e-car is 2 km away from your hotel.

So how about offering different vehicles directly in front of your door or in your underground car park, i.e. stationary, from which your guests can individually choose exactly the vehicle they need at the moment? Always charged, ready to drive and easily bookable via a free app. Whether e-bike, e-scooter, e-scooter or e-car – after use, your guests simply and conveniently return the rented e-vehicle to the station, which is located, for example, in the hotel’s own garage or in a rented garage, and pay automatically via the free evhcle app. And best of all: you don’t have to worry about anything else. Maintenance, cleaning and customer service – evhcle, the stationary e-mobility solution for hotels and serviced flats, takes care of all that.



6 reasons why you should rely on evhcle’s e-mobility solution  

1. evhcle is worry-free

You offer your guests an attractive added value with our convenient, multimodal mobility solution and have no additional work besides your daily business. The work is done by evhcle.

2. evhcle is sustainable

The solution is environmentally friendly, fully electric and sustainable. An ideal complement if your hotel is also committed to sustainable action.

3. evhcle is easy to integrate

The solution can be integrated into existing structures very easily and within a few days and blends in with your car park or garage in a visually appealing way.

4. evhcle is service-oriented

Service has top priority for you and your guests. evhcle continuously takes care of maintenance and repair of the e-vehicles.

5. evhcle is practical

Intelligent charging cycles and modern charging devices ensure that a variety of vehicles are available to your guests around the clock.

6. evhcle is flexible

No matter whether your guests want to use e-scooters, e-bikes, e-scooters or even e-cars: With evhcle’s multimodal solution, they are always flexible.

The evhcle multimodal sharing model adapts individually to the needs of your discerning guests. Depending on whether your guest prefers the e-bike in sunny weather or would rather drive the e-car to the industrial area 10 km away, the vehicles are parked where they are needed – in the hotel’s own garage. Integration and installation of the charging devices are less complex and costly than you might think. Within a few days, everything is ready for your guests. With comparatively little investment, but great added value for your guests. And best of all: there is no additional work for you during operation. Your guests take care of everything themselves via the free app. Service and maintenance are taken care of by evhcle and its partners.

Make the world a little better together with evhcle

evhcle’s stationary e-mobility solution is a win-win-win solution: On the one hand, you offer your guests a clear added value, which is rewarded by loyalty and makes your hotel or serviced flat even more successful. At the same time, you and your guests actively contribute to making our cities more life-friendly, as the sharing model reduces congestion and noise pollution. Last but not least, our environment is also happy because fewer emissions are released.

evhcle stands for intelligent mobility, for an environmentally friendly solution that relieves the high volume of traffic in densely populated cities with limited space and plays into the hands of the share economy. A trend that is also becoming more and more apparent in modern, urban residential quarters. This requires new, communally usable mobility concepts that are sustainable and future-oriented to the needs of the users.

Do you also want to make the world a little better? As a partner of evhcle, you are on the right track.

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