You are planning a new building project and are looking for a partner for an individual mobility concept

Together we develop your own mobility concept

Location determination
Where would you like to integrate your own mobility offer? Our offer enables the reduction of the parking space key. An own mobility concept is crucial here and may also be necessary for a building application.
Resident structure
Who will live in the planned new building? How many flats / rooms / people are expected?
Mobility needs
Analysis of the number and type of vehicles required based on the residents' routes to work / educational institutions / shopping facilities.
Existing mobility offers
We analyse the connection of the public transport: bus, tram, train and existing sharing services at your location. Also the coverage by taxi companies and plant shuttles must also be taken into account.
Own mobility offer
Where are there gaps between the existing mobility offer and the needs? Which e-vehicles can close these gaps? There may also be positive spillover effects on neighbouring houses.
We take care that your project is adapted to your needs in the best possible way and can be implemented quickly.

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